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(showing articles 81 to 84 of 84)

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A plant eaters running story

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  • 04/30/17--14:36: Roadtrip
  • Hi! I am actually feeling pretty refreshed after a long weekend away! We went to my in laws, 3 hours away and spent the weekend showing off Archie. We didn’t get in until 8:30pm on Friday and we stuffed our faces with pizza. I even packed snacks for the car but I just couldn’t resist. Saturday morning I did 6 hill repeats and continued on for 5 miles. It was my first time since having Archie so really felt it Sunday morning.   We stopped at our friends house who have a 6 month old and Archie got to try out their little jumper. We definitely need one of these bad boys. He didn’t jump at all, still figuring it all out. Saturday night, Archie slept from 10:30-5. It was glorious!! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  • 05/08/17--11:24: No Excuses!
  • Happy Monday! I am back to working full time and so I already know it’s going to be a rough week. It also doesn’t help that I was out of town in Chicago all weekend! At least I got to let loose and go out with my sisters a bit! Saturday morning we went for a long stroller walk and meant to do some yoga but it didn’t happen. Getting back into fitness was pretty difficult after having Archie. I got cleared by my doctor after 2 weeks.  I no longer had the excuse of being pregnant to slow me down! When it is my time of the month doesn’t work as an excuse either, especially with the Kotex fitness line! Kotex flex products are made to flex and move when you do. Because they are specifically made for fitness there is nothing they can’t handle. Be sure to click […]

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  • 05/17/17--17:30: Mother’s Day
  • Hope everyone had an excellent Mother’s day! It was my first one and I was very spoiled! My mom, sisters, and I got to go out to dinner just the four of us. This almost never happens so we made it necessary to order martini’s and apps. I am still on the only 2 drinks rule because I am nursing. This was the first time I had to pump and dump because my test strips told me to! Every day I am like okay I am over this nursing garbage but I keep on powering on. It is not easy that’s for sure. Archie has been coming with me to the gym and going to their little childcare there. It has been great so far and he gets lots of attention in there. I know this because I check on him every other minute. I have been doing a bunch of […]

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  • 05/18/17--18:10: Archie 4 Months
  • I’m finding it incredibly hard to believe that this sweet little boy is already 4 months old. A third of a year! Say what? Eating In case the chubby cheeks didn’t give it away, this boy loves to eat. If I am home with him I will nurse every 3 hours or so. If he is with my mom while I am working then he has about 3 pumped bottles. Sleeping Sleep? What is that? Archie still doesn’t take naps. If he does they are for about 20 minutes. He usually gets up twice during the night and is up for the day at 5:00am. I’ve read a few different books on how to sleep train and none are providing any assistance so far.  I am now trying to reduce the minutes that I feed him during the night so as to eliminate the night feeding. I’ll let you know how it […]

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